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Sunday Morning
  • 10:00 - 11:30: Worship
    Worship: including singing, and preaching.
  • 11:45 - 12:30: Sunday School Classes
    We have Sunday School classes for all ages
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A Reformed church.
worshipping the triune God of grace,
discipling the community of grace, and
reaching the lost with the gospel of grace.
About us

Thanks so much for visiting Heritage Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church's web site. A word of introduction would be in order. That is a bit of a challenge, though. There are so many ways we could introduce ourselves to you. We could introduce ourselves by explaining to you what we believe. If we would do such, we likely would speak of our being a Christian, Reformed and Presbyterian church. That might mean something to you or it might not. To get a good idea of how these three words describe us, you might want to visit our Belief page.

We could introduce ourselves to you by how we worship our Lord. If you are familiar with conservative Presbyterian churches, you know that how we worship is very important to us. We believe in the regulative principle of worship. To put it simply, on the one hand, we do nothing which Scripture forbids us to do in worshipping our Lord. Many churches would agree with us on this point. But we add one further wrinkle that is a bit more unique to us. We only do those things which the Scripture commands us to do. By keeping our services within these two boundary lines, we believe our worship is biblically sound and honoring to our Lord. For more about how we worship, please visit our Worship page.

We could and certainly should introduce ourselves to you on a more personal level. We are not just a set of beliefs, a church polity or a way of worshipping our Lord. We are also a community of believers who strive to love the Lord and each other. While we place a strong emphasis upon sound doctrine, we also emphasize the need to live out our beliefs in our day to day lives. We make it our goal, then, to glorify the Lord in our conduct and speech. For more information about our little community, please see the Making Friends and For Families page.

Well, there is only so much a web site can do to introduce one person to another. However much technology advances, it will never replace personal encounter when it comes to getting to know one another. So, we invite you to come and meet us in person. For more information about further contacting us or for directions to our church, please see the Contact Us page or Driving Directions. We so do appreciate your taking the time to visit our web page.

Heritage ARP Church,
is a member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) Church.
4806 E. Farm Rd 136,
Springfield, MO 65809